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Go Vegan in 5 Steps

What to eat? - How to transition ?

What are the best sources of plant-based protein?

I wish I had a course like that when I first started my vegan journey. I wish I had info, tips, recipes all at one place and not having to spend hours trying to figure it out by myself. Well I did the work for you and there it is! In this course I will guide you into your new vegan journey to avoid any lack of nutrients and present to you healthy food options to maintain optimum health.  Let's keep it tasty and make it healthy.


Let's Go Vegan in 5 Steps!

Online Course Launch - February 22, 2022

presented in French & English



So many benefits to go vegan: good health, environment, respect of animals etc.. What is your motivation?



What are the best sources of plant-based protein? Is vegan shake healthy? What are the best combination for a complete source of protein (9 essential amino-acids?



What are the superfoods? How often should you consume them? Are fruits considered as superfoods?



How to stay motivated?

What are the must have in your pantry? Should you become vegan overnight? How not to ruin your

grocery budget?



Is it safe to take supplements? Which plant-based food contain vitamin D?


Video recipes

I cook, and share with you mouth-watering Vegan recipes with a Caribbean touch.  After trying the recipes you will confirm that vegan can be Tasty and healthy!

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