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For new vegans and You thinking about it

Eating is a necessity, eating smart is an art!

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Devenir Végane
en 5 Étapes


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Keep it tasty, make it healthy!

Spaicy Bazile Vegan Creole Secret Book

What vegan food lovers are saying

Vegan Creole Customer Review

TESS - Air Canada

So original and very refreshing to have a cookbook with a culture seldomly celebrated. Fantastic recipes, pictures and great story by the author. Highly recommend

Cooking Workshop

Cook & Connect

Cook, laugh and connect with your team with Vegan Creole Secrets workshops. Creative, fun and tasty! That is the vibe. Vegan food with a Caribbean touch.


Go Vegan in 5 Steps

Keep it tasty, make it healthy!

In this course I give you tips for a smooth transition to go vegan or just to give it a try. I also share with you delicious video recipes.

Cooking Coaching by Spaicy

Keep it tasty make it healthy

Vegan is boring? Really? Let me share with you my mouth-watering vegan recipes and most of them with a Caribbean touch!

Bon appétit.

Vegan with a Caribbean touch

Where do you get your plant-based protein from? 

What about your iron level?

And the B12 vitamin?

You are a NEW VEGAN  or you just want to give it a try as a FLEXITARIAN? This platform is for you!

When I became vegan 7 years ago, I struggled because I honestly didn't know how to eat healthy as a new vegan. I was eating lots of carbs and not enough protein. This burden became my motivation to create this vegan creole platform to assist you in your new vegan journey and avoid the mistakes. In order to start your new journey the right way, I share with you my personal routine, tips, recipes.... With Vegan Creole Secrets platform I wish to assist you with your healthy food choices for optimal health!

I’m SPAICY, Haitian-Canadian singer and songwriter. I first taught in Canadian high schools before choosing a career in music. I became vegan many years ago, since then, my health, my weight, my artistic performances even my mindset and confidence have improved for the best. Let's become our best version, together!

Can't wait to chat with you!

With lots of love,

Anpil lanmou (Haitian Creole)


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Vegan Mac and Cheese


Fromages, sauce et beurre.

Fait maison avec passion, encore meilleur!

Cours virtuel - Vidéo - Ebook, PDF

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Jeunes de 12 à 19 ans

Introduction et sensibilisation à la nutrition saine.

Workshop en présentiel 




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Je réponds à tes questions

Des astuces nutritionnelles

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Ladies astonished while looking on Vegan Creole

Food and Music bring people together!

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