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Cooking Workshop

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Vegan with a
Caribbean touch

Cook, laugh & Connect

Bond with your team around the love of food. Learn how to make a vegan dish with a Caribbean touch. Canadian-Haitian, singer songwriter and holistic nutritionist, SPAICY BAZILE conducts the virtual workshops online between 60 to 90 minutes. In the comfort of your home. All you need is your creativity and your good mood. It's the perfect activity for a highly interactive and fun experience!

On-site workshops are also available upon request and can be presented in English or French.

Keep it Tasty, make it Healthy

Choose a Recipe

Vegan Creole
Plantain Delight

Plantains as its best

This one is a spectacular match. Majestic green plantains topped with spicy veggies.

Vegan-chicken burger.png

"Chicken Burger"

The power of mushrooms

Yes Chicken! Of course vegan chicken made with oyster mushrooms and a Caribbean touch!

"Legum Beregèn"

Eggplants Haitian Creole flavor

This one is a classic in the Haitian cuisine. I twisted a bit and made it Vegan. Sooo Delicious and easy to cook.


Food and Music bring people together

Get in touch to find out more about the perfect workshop customized to your needs in English or French.

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